Quite simply.....YES!

The ALYA chair understands that some people demand the ultimate performance from their office chair. The superb build-quality, adjustability and 10 year warranty, ensures that the Alya is not just "another office chair"....it's a way of life!

The Alya is a true breakthrough in seating design that delivers a personal seating experience that responds to the unique movements of your body. The Alya is for the executive at the forefront of their field, the high-flyer, the go-getter. This is your throne and just like the vehicle you drive, your chair needs to perform giving you the comfort and support throughout your 12 hour day. When the day is done and the deals have been won, you will still have the energy to celebrate because the Alya is the Ultimate Performer. 

Download the detailed Features and Specifications for the Alya.

Is the Alya better than the Humanscale Liberty?