Factory workers need ergonomic chairs too!

It’s been proven that ergonomic chairs can significantly increase the productivity levels of your office employees, so why not invest in ergonomics for factory workers?

According to Timotion, an ergonomic manufacturer, “In a typical production line, there are applications such as industrial workstations, conveyor belts, packaging machines, and more. While some of these are operated by machinery or robotic solutions, there are still areas in which humans need to take the reins. In these instances, it is essential that their work area is ergonomically designed to cut back on potential risk factors. For example, factory work includes a lot of repetitiveness. If an employee is in an unnatural position or putting any kind of strain on their body while performing this work, then the damages can really add up.” It’s for this reason that it’s really important for factory workers to use ergonomic chairs.

Companies need to invest in good quality chairs for factory workers, because sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to anyone’s health and can also lead to: 

  1. Employee absenteeism;
  2. An increased reject rate;
  3. Overall health problems leading to lower staff retention;
  4. Lower productivity levels;
  5. Low staff morale;
  6. Future legislative conflicts;
  7. An increased cost of maintenance or the replacement of a chair.

The 4 qualities of a good factory chair:

  1. Ergonomic: It’s very important for a factory chair to be ergonomic as each factory worker needs to sit correctly based on their tasks.
  2. Strength: Think carefully about the materials used to assemble the chair. Is the chair steel reinforced or is wood used underneath Polyurethane (PU)? How are the various components attached to each other? Is the draughting foot ring rigid and part of the design of the chair?  
  3. Specific requirements: Is the chair easy to clean? Is the chair easy to sterilise? Does the chair have glides or stoppers?
  4. Does the chair supplier provide after sales backup?

What are the hazardous risks of getting a cheap chair for your factory workers?

The Ottawa Business Journal, a regional business publication states, “No matter how much time is spent sitting down in a single day, proper ergonomic chairs are essential to improve employee energy and productivity levels and shouldn’t only be reserved for those employees with back problems or other special requirements.”

Factory workers are often neglected and given cheap and non-ergonomic chairs to perform their tasks. However, our CEO Joachim Roetger, believes factory workers should be treated in the same manner as office employees and allocated ergonomic chairs or seating to perform their specific tasks. He also advises against buying cheaper chairs as the quality is not always up to scratch. “You’re investing in the health of a person, so you shouldn’t put a price on that!”

What chairs are available for factory workers?

Our Industrial Chair Range offers more than just a standard chair.

Whether you require seats for a harsh factory environment, or for use in a hi-tech laboratory, a workshop or  retail environment, Karo’s industrial chair range has the ergonomic specialised seating requirements specifically suited to your Operators’ requirements.

Our Factory Chairs offers seating solutions for the following:

  1. Workshops, warehouses, factories and production lines;
  2. Till operators in the retail environment;
  3. Medical, hospital, clinic or consulting facilities;
  4. Food processing;
  5. Laboratories.

No matter how you look at it, factory workers are just as important as office employees and should be treated as such. Make sure you invest in your workers’ health and well being to ensure higher productivity levels and staff morale – it can be as easy as buying an industrial chair from Karo!