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and ergonomics in mind

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Comfort = Productivity

If you are uncomfortable,

you cannot be truly productive

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Smart Seating

Ergonomic comfort at an

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Style and Function

Accessories designed to perfectly complement

our luxurious office furniture.

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Popular Customer Choices


Jupiter executive office chair
Absolutely the Best Offer of the Week: Jupiter Executive Office Chair
  • R 4,060.00
  • R 3,654.00
Activ Mesh Executive office chair
Activ Office Chair
  • From R 5,700.00
Alula Mesh Executive office chair
Alula Office Chair
  • From R 3,732.00

Sold out

Alya Mesh Executive office chair
Alya Office Chair
  • From R 12,300.00
Cre8 executive office chair
Cre8 Mesh Office Chair
  • From R 3,700.00
Delta Industrial Chair
Delta Industrial Chair
  • From R 2,571.00
Eclipse office chair
Eclipse Office Chair
  • R 2,499.00
Elara executive office chair
Elara Office Chair
  • From R 2,519.00
Equinox executive office chair
Equinox Office Chair
  • From R 2,645.00
Firefly executive office chair
Firefly Office Chair
  • From R 5,599.00
Fuse executive office chair
Fuse Office Chair
  • From R 3,466.00
Heathrow Heavy-Duty 24/7 office chair
Heathrow 24/7 Heavy Duty Office Chair
  • R 7,718.00
Leila executive office chair
Leila Office Chair
  • From R 3,700.00
Mira Mesh Executive office chair
Mira Mesh Office Chair
  • From R 5,180.00
Mira Upholstered executive office chair
Mira Upholstered Office Chair
  • From R 5,180.00
Nika task office chair
Nika Office Chair
  • R 1,895.00
pill-top stool
Pill-Top Chair
  • R 1,229.00
Rio executive mesh office chair
Rio Office Chair
  • From R 4,025.00
Round PU stool
Round Polyurethane Stool
  • From R 1,665.00
Sit-Stand stool with glides
Sit-Stand Stool
  • From R 1,282.00